4-10 August World Board Game Championships.  Lancaster PA

22-24 August Guns of August 2014.  Williamsburg Convention. 

28-31 August NOVA Open.  Warhammer, Flames of War etc.  See www.novaopen.com

See www.ncmss.org/ for details.   

13 Sep Barrage Con XVIII  The HAWKS will host their annual gaming convention in Harvre de Grace. 

Contact Buck Surdu at surdu@acm.org to run a game. For other info contact www.bucksurdu.com/Buck_Surdu/Barrage.html

Pins.  John McConnell has had some very nice 1Ó NOVAG pins made up.  He has donated them to the club and we will sell as a fund raiser.  They cost $3 a piece or 2 for $5. Let me know if you want any. 

Meet Up:  Don't forget NOVAG is now on Meetup at: http://www.meetup.com/The-NOVAG-Pavilion/

Waterloo at 1:1 Scale.  Local wargamer Steve St Clair was recently the subject of a Washington Post magazine article on his painting project wherein he painted Waterloo at 1:1 scale.  Recently Voice of Amer4ica has done a story on him as well.  Here are the links to see that. VOA website http://www.voanews.com/content/one-man-creates-army-of-tiny-soldiers-to-replicate-battle-of-waterloo/1962343.html

YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eXdi_OvePcU

September 19 - Battle of Third Winchester 150th Anniversary Ranger Station Programs (12:00 – 4:00pm) 
National Park Service Rangers will provide interpretation at key points (such as Middle Field, StephensonÕs Depot, Star Fort and others) on the battlefield. Follow the path of the battle chronologically through this series of timed programs to learn more about each pivotal point, from the beginning of the battle at the east end of Berryville Canyon to its climax "whirling through Winchester." Visitors can attend all of the scheduled presentations or attend select programs of their choosing. Meet at the east end of Berryville Canyon, on the north side of Berryville Pike (VA Route7), opposite the Frederick Winchester Service Authority plant. 

Death.   Bob Coggins who was very active in the hobby died on 21 July.  He along with Craig Taylor designed the rule set NapoleonÕs Battles.  Additionally he was very active in the convention side of the hobby.   He helped to found HMGS and was co director of Historicon from 1987 to 1994.  While director, he instituted the Scruby Awards. A great guy. 



  The Game Parlor - Tuesday


Warhammer.  The Chantilly Gaming Legion plays from 11:00 until closing.  See Cg-Legion.com for further details. 


The Game Parlor - Wednesday


Fields of Glory/DBM starts at 5:00-600 pm.    Contact Mark Bumala at bumala@verizon.net



 The Game Parlor - Friday

DATE                PERIOD                SCALE                RULES                HOST

1 Aug                WWII                       15mm                   Fireball                Taylor    

Scenario:  High Winds from the St Lo book.  Normandy 1944.  Classic. 

1Aug                WWII                        15mm                   Fireball                Tilson

Scenario:  Manipur.  May 1944. Black Cats Attack.  A British infantry-armor task force has to root a Japanese company out of a village in Manipur.

8 Aug                    Ancients              15mm                   MofA                    Colburn/?

Scenario:   To Be Determined

15 Aug                Samurai                15mm                   Home                    DeWitt/Taylor

15 Aug                 Napoleonic         15mm                    Nap Command & Colors  Tilson

Scenario:  To Be Determined

22 Aug                Napoleonic          15mm                   NB                        Meymarian

Scenario: To Be Determined

22 Aug                ACW                    10mm                   Altar of Freedom Patton

Scenario: 3rd Battle of Winchester   

29 Aug                 WWII-Air            2/285                    CY6                      DeWitt 

Scenario:  To Be Determined   


The Game Parlor -Saturday


Warhammer.  The Chantilly Gaming Legion plays from 11:00 until closing.  See Cg-Legion.com for further details. 



The Game Parlor - Sunday


Fields of Glory


11:00.  Contact Mark Bumala at bumala@verizon.net




All games start at 1200. For further info, contact Rick Wilson at ivos.android@hotmail.com


Eagle and Empire - Thursday


Warhammer Fantasy.  Starting at 7:00 p.m.


Eagle and Empire - Saturday 


Warmachine starting at 12:00 


Hobby Works -Friday 


Warhammer & Warhammer 40 are played in a tournament at the Hobbyworks store in the Fair City mall (Corner of Pickett & Main St in Fairfax City).  Start time is 4:00 p.m.  Contact Hobbyworks at 703-426-8600 or fairfax40@gmail.com.



Huzzah Hobbies -Tuesday


Malifaux, Warmachine/Hordes and Netrunner LCG Gaming starts at around 6pm 

Huzzah Hobbies -Thursday


-Ancients/Medieval            15mm            DBA


Games start at 6:00 pmish.


-Thursday Night Gaming Group (TNGG).  For details contact Stephen Gibson sgibson260@cox.net) or see their Yahoo Group for details.


Huzzah Hobbies -20 October 


Warhammer 40K tournament.  Contact the store for details.



Heroclix at 6:30




Malifaux 6:00 pm.



Magic Draft at Noon and Open Gaming.


Alexandria  Fridays 



Escalation League for Warhammer 40k here at Victory Comics starting October 5th.  Participants will start with a 500-point 'army' of their choice and slowly build up to 2000 points.  This is a perfect chance for new players to start building their army or for old players to start a new one.  We will be giving points for games played, games won and painting.  The person with the highest point total at the end will get a prize!  Contact the store for further details.



Date: To Be Determined  Hosted by Dennis Wang. 

 For details please contact Dennis at dw_2000@hotmail.com     

 Date: To Be Determined.   Hosted by Steve Robinson.  

 Scenario:  To Be Determined.

 For details, please contact Steve (stevekrobinson@yahoo.com

Dale City Weekends

 10 Aug Sunday 

 Scenario:  To Be Determined. 

 For details, please contact Ron ronalamo@comcast.net 

 23 Aug Saturday

 Scenario:  To Be Determined

 For details, please contact Ron ronalamo@comcast.net 


The Washington Area DBA Group hosts occasional events.  For further info see: www.wdwww.wadbag for details.


Comics and Gaming Fairfax - Sunday


War Hammer at 12:30.




  Game Parlor - Tuesday


The Washington Gamers Association and Game Club of Maryland offer board games starting at 6:00 pm.  See www.washingtongamers.org for further details.


The Game Parlor- Saturday 1 June


The Washington Gamers runs board games on the first Saturday of the month.  See their website www.washingtongamers.org


Alexandria-Arlington Area Regional Gaming Group (AARGH)


The November date has not been set yet.  Check their Meet Up page for details.


Springfield –Saturday/Sunday 

16 Aug  Saturday 0900    Kingstown Game Brigade  Kingstowne Center for Active Adults (the Senior Center) 6448 Lansdowne Centre Alexandria VA 22315. (Next to the Kingstown Library)  Board/war gaming such as Axis & Allies, Hammer of the Scots, Sekigahara, GMT games, etc.  Others welcome. For further info contact Fred Bauer at   militarylaw@erols.com


24 Aug Sunday Same as above.

Comics and Gaming Fairfax - Sunday


Magic at 12:00


Comics and Gaming Fairfax - Monday


Magic at 7:30


Comics and Gaming Fairfax - Tuesday


Herolcix at 8:00

Comics and Gaming Fairfax - Thursday


Magic at 7:00

Netrunner at 7:00


Comics and Gaming Fairfax - Friday


Magic at 7:00


Comics and Gaming Fairfax - Saturday 


Eurogames starting at 1:00 p.m. 


Western Fairfax County-Friday  


A board game group is meeting in at Affinty Computers on 23035 Douglas Court, Dulles VA.  For further info see: http://www.meetup.com/area42games/ 


Western Fairfax County -Saturday 


The War and Strategy Gaming Group is a gaming group for young people ages 10 to 16.  They meet monthly at the Cascades Library  (21030 Whitfield Place, Potomac Falls/Sterling) on Sunday afternoons.  Please register to attend. To register, please call 703-444-3228 or register online: Go to http://library.loudoun.gov/ and search the "Events" section for "location" Cascades Library and "audience" Teens.


Throughout the Area: 


Games Club of Virginia and Games Club of Maryland have good local club activities every week.  Further info see http://www.gamesclubofmd.org/ and for a calendar see: http://www.gamesclubofmd.org/Calendar.asp   


    Advanced Squad Leader


The DC Conscripts host a monthly gaming session for ASL one Saturday per month, for further info sees: www.dcconscripts.org



Epically Long Board Games


This board Game Group is just getting established.  They plan to play games that take longer.  See their site on Meet Up.



Formula One Gaming


The schedule is uncertain.  Contact Rob Cunningham at rccun2@aol.com for further details.