Summer Prezcon. 27 June -3 July. See www.prezcon.com for further details.

Pins.  John McConnell has had some very nice 1” NOVAG pins made up.  He has donated them to the club and we will sell as a fundraiser.  They cost $3 a piece or 2 for $5. Contact John at: john.e.mcconnell@eds.com 

NOVAG at Huzzah Hobbies Dave Luff has arranged for NOVAG to have a table at Huzzah Hobbies on Friday night following the Flames of War afternoon game.  If anyone wants to run a game there, let David know at dluff20164@yahoo.com

Input on Good Games.   Nanfei Yan, a local Fairfax resident, recently contacted me. She was looking for comments/suggestions ref a site called Slant she is building for getting trustworthy information about gaming.   I will let her explain:

“We're a small startup (just a handful of people) that believes finding the best games (among other products) shouldn't be about sifting through thousands of amazon reviews, reading blog posts by people running affiliate link campaigns, or marketing from manufacturers. We work by allowing anyone to ask questions like what are the best board games? and anyone to answer by recommending games along with voting on the most relevant pros and cons of each game. The incentive to contribute is similar to Wikipedia; good information should be accurate and free for everyone. Manufacturers monopolize so much of product selection; we want to get the voices of the consumers to be heard again in the most efficient manner possible.

The site operates by asking questions and contributing product recommendations in the form of pros and cons. Currently, we're trying to research whether or not our format would work for board games. I'd love to hear any feedback you guys have, and would also appreciate it if you could also introduce the site to fellow gamers so we can benchmark which features are good for gaming, and which features need to be improved upon. What are the best board games? Is a good example to get a feel for the site.”

If you have suggestions, please contact her off line at this address: Nanfei Yan <nanfei@slant.co>



Herndon Area Fridays

1623 Hiddenbrook Dr. Herndon, VA

DATE                PERIOD                SCALE                RULES                HOST

6 May                 WWII                      15mm              Fireball            Patton


Scenario: Martelange: Breaching the Sure River. CCA 4 AD's drive to Bastogne must first pass over the Sure River at Martelange. Here, the engineers must replace the bridges blown during the retreat from Houffalize in the face of stiff opposition from the 5th Fallschirmjagers. 

6 May                   WWII                       15mm              Chain of Command            Taylor 

Scenario:   To Be Determined

13 May             Ancients/Medieval    15mm              MofA               DeWitt.

Scenario: Battle of Fornovo.  French vs. Italians.  High late Middle Ages with 25mm figures.  Not a 1500 pt. slugfest.

20 May             WWI-Naval                   1/1200            Home                   DeWitt

Scenario: Jutland.  What more needs to be said.  Or as Churchill said of Admiral Jellico, “He is the only man on either side who can lose the war in an afternoon”.

Huzzah Hobbies, 44927 George Washington Boulevard Ashburn VA

27 May             WWII                         15mm              Fireball                      Tilson

Scenario: Ding Dong fight.  4 Jan 1945, Ye-U Burma.  The 2nd Bn Dorsett Regt has forded the Mu River and is now clearing the bridgehead.  Standing in their way is a detachment of Japanese infantry supported by 75mm guns.  It is 1700 hours.  Can the Dorsets get the woods cleared before sun down?


Date: To Be Determined.   Hosted by Dennis Wang  

 Scenario:  To Be Determined.

 For details, please contact Dennis at dw_2000@hotmail.com

 RSVP mandatory so Dennis can scale the game accordingly.


Date: To Be Determined.  

Hosted by Steve Robinson.  

Scenario:  To Be Determined. For details, please contact Steve at stevekrobinson@yahoo.com 

RSVP mandatory so Dennis can scale the game accordingly.


Dale City Area

8 May Hosted by Ron Prillaman

Scenario:  To Be Determined.


28 May Hosted by Ron Prillaman

 Scenario:  To Be Determined. 

 For details, please contact Ron at ronalamo@comcast.net 


Fairfax Weekends

Date to Be Determined Hosted by Jason Weiser

Scenario: Rules used are Battlegroup Fall of the Reich. Details: For further details Jason at jason.weiser@gmail.com


Eagle and Empire - Thursday

Warhammer Fantasy.  Starting at 7:00 p.m.

 Eagle and Empire - Saturday 

Warmachine starting at 12:00

Hobby Works - Friday 

Warhammer and Warhammer 40 are played in a tournament at the Hobbyworks store in the Fair City mall (Corner of Pickett & Main St in Fairfax City). 

Start time is 4:00 p.m.  Contact Hobbyworks at 703-426-8600 or fairfax40@gmail.com.

  Huzzah Hobbies - Tuesday

Malifaux, Warmachine/Hordes and Netrunner LCG Gaming starts at around 6pm 

Huzzah Hobbies - Thursday

Ancients/Medieval 15mm DBA Games start around 6:00 pm

Thursday Night Gaming Group (TNGG). 

For details contact Stephen Gibson sgibson260@cox.net) or see their Yahoo Group for details.

Huzzah Hobbies –Friday

Flames of War Start Time 1:00 pm

Folks are invited to push lead and experience the game. If you don't have troops, come anyway as we normally have loaners.

Specific games are generally not planned in advance as we do all periods and theatres.

For further info contact Jay Mischo at JMTrinity@aol.com.


Victory Comics  - Wednesday

Magic the Gathering Standard at 6:30pm and Heroclix at 6:00 (usually a tournament)


Victory Comics - Thursday

Board Gaming all day long, Infinity and Malifaux at 6pm, Magic Legacy at 6:30pm


Victory Comics - Friday

Magic with alternating formats each week


Victory Comics - Saturday

Open Gaming (every other week) Magic Draft and Standard (every other week at noon and 4:30pm respectively) and Heroclix For Fun (every Saturday)


Victory Comics - Sunday

Magic Draft at Noon and Open Gaming


Comics and Gaming Fairfax - Sunday

War Hammer at 12:30


 Alexandria-Arlington Area Regional Gaming Group (AARGH)

See their Facebook page for details of this month’s meeting.

Springfield – Saturday and Sunday

7 May 0830 Kingstown Game Brigade Kingstowne Center for Active Adults (the Senior Center) 6448 Lansdowne Centre Alexandria VA 22315 (Next to the Kingstown Library) Board/war gaming such as Axis & Allies, Hammer of the Scots, Sekigahara, GMT games, etc.  Others welcome. For further info contact Fred Bauer at militarylaw@erols.com

21 May Same as above 

Comics and Gaming Fairfax - Sunday

Magic at 12:00 pm

Comics and Gaming Fairfax - Monday

Magic at 7:30 pm

Comics and Gaming Fairfax - Tuesday

Heroclix at 8:00 pm

Comics and Gaming Fairfax - Thursday

Magic at 7:00 pm

Netrunner at 7:00 pm

Comics and Gaming Fairfax - Friday

Magic at 7:00 pm

Comics and Gaming Fairfax - Saturday

Eurogames at 1:00 pm

Western Fairfax County-Friday  

A board game group is meeting in at Affinty Computers on 23035 Douglas Court, Dulles VA.  For further info see: http://www.meetup.com/area42games/

The War and Strategy Gaming Group is a gaming group for young people ages 10 to 16.  They meet monthly at the Cascades Library  (21030 Whitfield Place, Potomac Falls/Sterling) on Sunday afternoons.  Please register to attend. To register, please call 703-444-3228 or register online: Go to http://library.loudoun.gov/ and search the “Events” section for “location” (Cascades Library) and “audience” (Teens).

Loudon County Irregular

The Dulles Wargaming Club meets irregularly in Loudon County.  Contact Ben Lacy at benlacy@brittonpublishers.com for further details.

Throughout the Area

Games Club of Virginia and Games Club of Maryland have good local club activities every week.  

Further info see http://www.gamesclubofmd.org/ and for a calendar see: http://www.gamesclubofmd.org/Calendar.asp

    Advanced Squad Leader

The DC Conscripts host a monthly gaming session for ASL one Saturday per month. For further info go to www.dcconscripts.org

Epically Long Board Games

This board Game Group is just getting established.  They plan to play games that take longer.  See their site on Meet Up.